a recollection of a dream upon waking

by lost child

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released February 9, 2010



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lost child Eastbourne, UK

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Track Name: eternal return
i'm back where i began
i swallow my tail
i fell in love again
i bite my tongue and hold my breath
turning circles in my head

when we meet, we'll corrupt again
blind and meaningless
every pain and joy
every thought you sigh
breaks my heart one more time

particles dispersed
like atom's we've split
this life i have lived
must be lived again and again and again
eternal return, forevermore

this has happened before
and it'll happen again
Track Name: a recollection of a dream upon waking
there's a teardrop in your eye
and it's fallen from the sky
and the noise is deafening
so i need some time to dream

isabella, never spoke
she carved her words out in dark black oak
still something's missing from her life
she'll leave tomorrow in the night

it's the sound of a rising flood
but it's never big enough
to reach us way out here
far beyond our dreams

isabella's coming back
trains can't run on twisted track
still my life's adorning memories
are idealistic fantasies.

you're a fantasy...
Track Name: a victim of circumstance
i kissed you when it rained
and i held you while it snowed
it didn't matter to me anyway
that i forgot my coat that day

our relationship was a victim of circumstance
but that doesn't mean i won't ask for this dance
Track Name: the next day (reprise)
i know you said i let you down
we know it's not like that
i just forget that now you're gone
i'm talking to myself
so when you come across this song
hidden from the night
i hope you understand it's for you
your memories lost in my mind.